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Test your ad's future performance using AI

Try our Instant Creative Test today using ReFUEL4's Ad Analyzer.
No more guess work, no more internal office debates on which creative you like better.
Now you can get clarity using our Ad Analyzer's AI to predict your Facebook & Instagram ad* creative’s future performance.
Yes, it’s that simple to predict how your ad creative will perform!
Test my ads today!
* static ads only. Analyze your Video creatives is coming soon!

How does AI work? 

Over 10,000 global designers create static, cinemagraph and video ads based on recommendations from our AI, creating smarter ads at scale.

AI technologies fuel our predictive analysis that allows advertisers to know which creatives will perform best and when they need to be refreshed to avoid ad fatigue.

Learn more about AI in the advertising industry in our White Paper 2017: The Age of AI in Advertising

ReFUEL4's Ad Analyzer
ReFUEL4 Prediction of Ad Fatigue
Our AI uses vast amounts of data to predict when your creatives need to be refreshed so you can avoid 'Ad Fatigue' & what creatives will perform the best.
ReFUEL4 Auto Creative Refresh
When your online ad campaigns start running out of fresh creatives (i.e. ad fatigue), our designers are automatically prompted to create new ones. Just like magic!
ReFUEL4 Auto Creative Swap
Underperforming ads are detected by our AI and creatives are automatically swapped, boosting online ad campaign performance so you can reach your Creative Optimal Rate (COR).
Happy Client Musings
"Leveraging ReFUEL4's creative optimization process has provided Spotify's App Download Campaigns with sustained performance!"
Sunita Kaur, MD Spotify APAC
"ReFUEL4 is a key player in our social strategy. They help us fulfill our campaign creative demands and inject fresh ideas to our creative mix."
ReFUEL4 Client William Hill
Alberto Telias, William Hill